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30th September 2014

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Okay, I really hate doing this, but our situation has suddenly gotten worse. I’m sitting in a little cafe sobbing because I’m so scared right now. I don’t know what else to do.

My first paycheck at my new job didn’t come on the first pay period, I won’t be getting it for another two weeks, so I won’t have it before we have to pay rent. That leaves us about $200 short for rent, and $200 short for the car payment two days later. Technically, rent is due today, but we have until the 3rd to pay without a late fee, and the 10th with a late fee. 

On top of that, we need $400 for a deposit for a new apartment asap. The apartment we’re looking at, we need it in a week at the latest, or we have to find somewhere else that we can afford, which has been hard to do. With that, we WILL NOT be getting our security deposit back for our current place. A friend of a friend asked us to watch her cats, and we agreed, and she NEVER CAME TO PICK THEM UP. That was almost 4 weeks ago. They’ve peed on most of the living room carpet, they shit all over the carpet, and they’re hurting my cats. We’ve finally found somewhere to take them, but we now have to pay to have the whole place recarpeted when we leave, which could be upwards of $800. 

We’re both looking for additional jobs, but that’s very hard for two people with little experience and a school schedule to work around. Once we get into the new place, things will settle down, but we have to actually get in to a new place for that to happen. 

I really hate asking for help here, because I know so many of you are in tight places yourself, but if anyone can do anything to help, we’d be forever grateful. And if you don’t feel comfortable sending money without anything in return, I knit. I can knit you something in return, just message me. 

Please, guys, help spread this. We’re desperate. Winter’s coming, and we can’t be on the streets when that happens. Last year it got as bad as 60 below. 

Our paypal email is minnesnowtablues@gmail.com

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30th September 2014

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29th September 2014

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29th September 2014

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Merry chriskey. From Toothpaste For Dinner.


Merry chriskey. From Toothpaste For Dinner.

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29th September 2014

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Ummm, hello, sir… 


Ummm, hello, sir… 


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29th September 2014

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Once ruined, baby, you stay ruined.
John’s Star, The National (via potentialbreakupblog)

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29th September 2014

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*takes gulp of vodka straight from the bottle* my day was fine

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29th September 2014

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29th September 2014

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Marla’s philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment. The tragedy, she said, was that she didn’t.
Marla’s philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment. The tragedy, she said, was that she didn’t.

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29th September 2014

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Sex work needs to be ended, not supported.

Sex WORKERS are the ones that should be supported.

This is an oxymoron.

You do not “support sex workers” by trying to take away our livelihoods, and any attempt to “end” the industry inevitably winds up making sex workers lives worse.

You can tell yourself you’re supporting sex workers, but it doesn’t make it any less bullshit.

Okay, I don’t mean abolishing sex work instantaneously. I mean making it so less women have to be a part of the sex industry over time. Its not a good thing, it being a livelihood doesn’t make it a good thing. A lot of women are forced into it. Even more women become trapped in it. Children are in that shit too. That goes for every part too, from stripping to actual prostitution. Women’s bodies shouldn’t be for sale. Maybe that’s anti-capitalism mixing with feminism, but I’ve always thought they were the same thing.

Oh look, an abolishionist who uses the sensationalistic “sex workers sell their bodies” garbage.  And equating ALL sex work with involuntary sex trafficking, of course.  Gotta fit that in there too.  Jesus christ, no wonder progress is so slow toward sex worker rights, destigmatizing and empowerment when these are the morons who think they are helping us or have ANY right to speak on the subject..

1. Sex workers do not sell their bodies. We sell a service. Saying that we sell our bodies is implying the sexist notion that female sexuality is inextricable from our bodies. 

2. You literally have no evidence or experience to support the idea that sex work “is not a good thing” You cannot speak on behalf of an entire marginalized group, and making generalizations is flat out wrong. 

3. Sex work predates capitalism. Sex work has existed and thrived in every cultural and economic state imaginable. Getting rid of capitalism will not eliminate sex work. 

4. A recent five year Canadian study states that 70% of sex workers are satisfied with their jobs. 

5. Learn to differentiate sex work from slavery, and then learn that not all human trafficking victims are victims of sex slavery. Studies suggest that only one fourth of human trafficking victims are forced into the sex trade. Also learn that decriminalizing, shaping our social attitudes, and changing our personal perceptions about sex work aids in ending sex trafficking. 

6. Let sex workers speak for our own damn selves and experiences. Do some fucking research before you make such a blatant statement. 

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